Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hooray! Its over but there are more questions, always more questions. I learned so much, colors, blogs, feeds, sandbox, wikis. My brain could explode if one more 2.0 comes my way.

Favorites: Probably #18 & #19....I think that they are useful. I liked 19 because you can find great sites that have been pre-reviewed. #18 could be very useful for joint projects. They sort of tied as my favorite. My least favorite is #9, I guess, or anything bloggish. Or possibly #11? I'm not sure that I see the need for #11.

I haven't shared any of the services. My daughter lives in Iowa, my husband is busy and the cats just aren't interested. The cats primarily use the internet for shopping.

I have been thinking about library involvement and I'm not really sure. Its a complicated issue. As in my blog on #15/Librarian 2.0 "what part of this technology should we be implementing"? For the use of staff? For the use of the public? I think that it is an interesting and complicated issue. #13 has been implemented by other libraries and seems to work very well.

Thing #22

Well it appears that I am "lucky". When I sat down at PC Plus to do Listen NJ the security upgrade had already been done. Although looking through the help section of Listen NJ was very "helpful". The instructions are there so you can accomplish this at home if you are willing to spend the time. The over drive console had a lot of nice features, speeds, bookmarks, help etc.
You can also burn a CD if you are one of those commuters who listen to books and while speeding along the Parkway.

I'm not sure how positive I would be if the software on our PC Plus had not been already upgraded.

Thing #21

Podcast Eastern Shoshone Powwow

This was interesting the first Podcast that I tried would not open. But I did manage to select one which you can click on....It seems that the best use of this type of technology would be music but I did notice a number of informational choices when I was browsing by subject. If you are one of the many people who doesn't like to read (yes they exist) you could just listen to a podcast.

I chose this link because my husband, daughter and I lived in a town in Wyoming surrounded by the Wind River Indian Reservation and attended an Eastern Shoshone Powwow. It was our first powwow but we have enjoyed many others since.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thing #20 YouTube Video

A Letterman Top 10...George Bush movie rejected titles!

I looked for something more serious but I think that YouTube works better (for me at least) if the subject is humorous. Somehow the Lincoln Assassination reenactment just didn't do it for me.

Thing #19

The first place winner under genealogy is MyHeritage. It is free, doesn't have spam and won't give out your email address. You must register (not unlike Ellis Island) but it is still free. It is multilingual and has its own search engine. It has a Family Tree Builder and general information on genealogy if you are a beginner. You can create your own family site and family members from around the world can participate. You can make the site private, with registration required, or public so everbody can add content. I am very impressed with the site. Web 2.0 awards is like using an article on the best reference books, or sites, for collection development...someone else does all the work.

Thing #18

I think that Google Docs could definitely be useful although I would need to consider where I might currently use it. I can see that it might work when writing a very involved grant. You could let your mentor or experienced grant writer add useful comments. It could be used in the annual budget preparation where many staff have assignments. Also a committee could assign sections of a report to various members to work on and then contribute to the document.

Thing #17

WOW colors, who knew? The Sandbox was actually kind of fun and not TOO! complicated. There is potential because it is a restricted blog (if staff doesn't reveal the password). It could be used by staff in the same way that we use OceanNet, for communication. Of course it would be just one more thing to check everyday......certainly more colorful that OceanNet.